The Henderson Collection Bangle

Stock # LBBW253-27

The Henderson Collection LBBW253-27

The Henderson Collection Bangle

Stock # LBBW253-27

Luca Scintille Collection Three Wire Bracelet in Black and White with three Round elements containing white sapphires. Sterling Silver round elements on the black strands and Black Rhodium element on white strand. Bangle is cuff style.

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Stock Number LBBW253-27
Department Fashion
Type Bangle
Material Black Black Rhodium

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The Henderson Collection

THE HENDERSON COLLECTION OF CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA ...has served as a renowned member of the jewelry industry since 1990, offering upscale and emerging retailers an exclusive collection of beautiful pieces crafted with diamonds and fine gold. Created with the end-user's versatile lifestyle in mind, the fashionable designs merge old-world craftsmanship with new-world technology to offer impeccably constructed necklaces, bracelets and rings as well as hand-wrought and electro-form earrings.

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