Luminous Diamonds® Lucent Bracelet

Luminous Diamonds® Lucent Bracelet

This stunning bracelet features a luminous diamond set in a hexagon — a glowing reminder to its wearer that she is unstoppable.


Fluorescent Diamonds: 1 stone, 0.31 ct weight


18K Yellow Gold. 18K White Gold can be special ordered.

Product Details

Name Lucent Bracelet
Style Number BG-100A-4.2
Type Bracelet
Collection Lucent

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Hale's Jewelers Luminous Diamonds®
Luminous Diamonds®

Luminous Diamonds® is a new fine jewelry brand that emphasizes the wondrous characteristic of fluorescence through a collection of bold earrings, bracelets, rings, pendants and necklaces.  Inspired by a woman’s inner light and strength, the pieces are designed with the shape of a free-form hexagon as a central motif to celebrate the individualistic spirit of each woman.  The offerings range from diamonds that can be worn as an everyday luxury, to couture jewelry pieces, each carrying an intimate, hidden message, held in a central vortex of light, revealed only when the wearer chooses.

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