Shopping for jewelry is fun, especially when you’re checking out the latest styles. So, what jewelry trends should we look out for in 2023? The most popular trend will continue to be minimal designs. Think gold pendants, simple necklaces and diamond shapes that make a statement but don’t overpower your outfit. Another trend, rose gold, is not fading, so this hue is still a hot item for jewelry enthusiasts. For those seeking something more eye-catching, intricate geometric elements will likely be a favorite. Whether you’re interested in timeless classics or contemporary chic, there’s trends for everyone to get excited about in the upcoming months. 



One of the big jewelry trends of today is all about minimalism and simplicity. Subtle pieces made of precious metals, diamonds and other gems are in. Necklaces with a single diamond or two are the perfect way to bring an understated elegance to any outfit. Rings with thin bands or tiny gemstones also bring a feeling of ease mixed with sophistication. This trend will always keep you looking polished and refined.


Rose Gold

Rose gold is on fire now and we've seen the trend grow here at Hale's Jewelers. It started small but rose gold has become a fashion staple in jewelry worldwide. With the metal’s combination of warmth, softness and luxury, it isn't hard to see why this look is being embraced by many. Our styles are always changing, too, with new items featuring delicate rose gold accents all the way to bold statement pieces. Trust us when we say that there is truly something for everyone with this trend. 


Geometric Shapes

From triangles to circles and more, geometric pieces add an undeniable structural elegance to any ensemble. Our selection of geometric jewelry is constantly evolving and updating, so you can be sure to find something that's truly meaningful and fashionable. Whether it's in brilliantly colored or white gold, all of our geometric shapes come together to create the perfect statement piece for you. Visit us today and discover why geometric jewelry is such an amazing trend!


Find Your Perfect Style at Hale’s 

These are a few of the upcoming jewelry trends for 2023. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve, stop by Hale’s Jewelers at 761 Verdae Blvd today. With our extensive selection, you’ll be sure to find something compelling that suits your unique style for the upcoming year.  

January 23, 2023