Custom Jewelry Design

Sometimes we start with your stones and a dream… the perfect, personal expression of your heartfelt sentiments.

Other times we start with a blank slate and make your vision come alive with gemstones, precious metal, and our creative spirit.
Here’s how we do it:

1. Inspiration

To begin the process, schedule a consultation. Let’s meet to discuss your favorite styles and stones. Show us photos and pieces you already love. You'll have a better understanding of our process, and more importantly, we'll have a deeper understanding of your vision for the perfect jewel. Then let us get to work making your dreams come true!

2. Visualization

We translate your ideas and our sketches into a precise computer-aided design (CAD). From the CAD, we print a wax prototype that you can even try on. If we’ve sourced
stones for your project, you can see those as well. We fine-tune every detail at this stage to exceed your expectations.

3. Transformation

From the wax prototype, the piece is then rendered in precious metal, stones are expertly set, and our master jewelers finish each piece to our exacting standards. Only then, do we have an unforgettable unveiling of your most personal piece of jewelry. The design process is complete… at least for now, until the next time!

The design process is an experience like no other…
a creative journey that we’d like for you to join us on.

Because the discovery and exhilaration
of making an entirely unique jewel happens at Hale’s.