Real Answers To Your Diamond Questions

Q: Are the diamonds at Hale’s responsibly sourced?

At the heart of our diamond business are relationships: with you - our customer, and with our diamantaires with whom we have longstanding relationships. Rest assured, the diamond that you buy from Hale’s will be ethically sourced, and sustainably mined in a way that benefits the mining community and the environment. These are natural diamonds you can feel good about buying and wearing.

Q: How are natural diamonds formed?

Diamonds are formed deep within the earth’s mantle. Sometimes more than 100 miles beneath the surface. When the right geological conditions present - a combination of carbon, extreme heat, and
pressure - the carbon bonds with other atoms and crystallizes, forming the most rare and beautiful gift from Mother Nature: a diamond.

Q: Can I get a quick run-down on the 4Cs?

The 4Cs were originally developed by the Gemological Institute of America and DeBeers to help simplify the buying process for the jewelry-buying public.

The first, and most critical is CUT. The CUT determines the scintillation, what we call light performance. That’s the technical term for sparkle! We look at every stone to make sure the cut quality makes the grade that will keep you smiling and your ring sparkling!

Then we consider the COLOR of the diamond. Diamonds range in color from D-Z! Hale’s Jewelers has a tight color tolerance ranging from colorless (D, E, F) to near colorless (G, H, I, J) to stones that exude some warmth (K-L). Our diamonds shine the brightest.

Next we take a look at CLARITY. Because our diamonds are formed by nature, it is common for tiny bits of minerals to be trapped within the crystal structure. These are called inclusions and are the fingerprints of natural diamonds. The degree to which these are visible at 10X magnification and the naked eye determines the rarity of the diamond.

Lastly, we consider CARAT WEIGHT. This is by far the easiest to determine, we simply put the stone on a diamond scale. However, we ensure that our diamonds appear as the proper weight. By design, some diamonds appear considerably larger than their carat weight and Hale’s specializes in these proprietary cuts.

Q: How do I know that I can trust Hale’s with my diamond purchase?

Hale’s has passed the test of time with flying colors.

Founded in 1856, we are one of the oldest companies in South Carolina and are members of Jewelers of America‘s JA100 Club which is recognition of stores that have been in continuous operation for at least 100 years. This honor often goes to family businesses that span generations who owe their success to their professionalism, high ethical standards and their standing in the community.

Hale’s Jewelers is also a longtime member of the American Gem Society, one of the oldest jewelry industry trade organizations founded with the intention of protecting the jewelry consumer. AGS stresses continued education for jewelers and is a resource for the jewelry buyer.

These memberships mean that you are buying from a jeweler recognized for their knowledge and skill to help you make the most informed diamond-buying decision possible.

Our love of diamonds is evident in all we do.

Consideration is given to every shape and cut, every gradation of color and the clarity of the stone to ensure that your diamond tells your story brilliantly.

Whether for an engagement ring or a significant gift that marks a personal milestone, natural diamonds are who we are and you’ll be delighted with your choices.