Hale’s is committed to pairing you with the perfect diamond.

We love natural diamonds for their rarity and beauty: qualities that tell your story and are worthy of the most significant events and moments celebrated in your life.

Marriage, anniversaries, the birth of a child, and personal milestones... you’ll feel the enduring
symbolism of the engagement ring or anniversary band while immersed in case after case of natural diamonds at Hale’s Jewelers.

Our expert staff knows how to navigate the 4 C’s: cut, color, clarity, and carat to get you the best
stone at the best price. Cut is crucial. Then we adjust color and clarity, balanced by what is
visible to the human eye, to help you achieve the jewelry of your dreams.

What nature has created, humans have perfected through precise
cutting and polishing.

Hale’s diamonds are exceptional. Each one individually chosen from diamantaires with whom we have multi-generational relationships.

Attention is given to every detail. Facets perfectly align, proportions brilliantly create sparkle,
and the polishing pulls everything together resulting in the beauty, fire, and scintillation that can only be created with a diamond.

Trusted by generations, Hale’s Jewelers provides natural beauty that endures and sparkles now and forever.