Hailing Our History

Hale’s has marked significant moments in people’s lives for over a century and a half. From celebrations of joy to promises of love, we’ve been a part of many meaningful milestones. As we’ve grown through the years, our store has also evolved in many ways. Here are a few of the highlights.


During the peak of the Civil War, James Hunter Randolph opens Hale’s Jewelers, a small watch and jewelry shop on Main Street. He begins by specializing in memorial jewelry for soldiers going off to war. After the conflict, Randolph hires his first employee, B. Wehrle, a watchmaker and veteran of the war.


Randolph’s grandson, William Randolph Hale, takes over the family business. With the change in ownership, the store transforms into Hale’s Jewelers.


Hale’s son, William Randolph Hale, Jr., becomes the sole proprietor following his father’s death.


Hale Jr. installs the famous Hale’s Clock. This iconic landmark has proudly served as Greenville's standard of time for over 100 years.


Hale Jr. sells the business to Hewlett Sullivan, Sr. For the remainder of the 20th century, the Sullivan family operates Hale’s Jewelers.


Hale’s moves a few blocks down to 12 South Main Street.


Hewlett begins importing watches from Europe, making Hale’s Jewelers one of the first businesses in the nation to offer Rolex watches. This trend would soon dominate the entire fine jewelry market.


Hewlett’s sons, Heyward and Hewlett, Jr., take over the business after their father’s death. The Sullivan brothers usher in a new era of unprecedented growth and expansion for Hale’s.


Hale’s opens a second location in the McAllister Square Mall.


Hale’s moves to their own free-standing building on Haywood Road.


The downtown store merges with the Haywood Road location, doubling its merchandise, staff and capacity for daily operations.


Lucian Lee, a longtime Hale’s employee, purchases the business from the Sullivan family. In 1973, Lucian walked into Hale’s looking to buy a ring and walked out with a job to help pay for it. He hasn’t left since.


Hale’s Jewelers relocates to 761 Verdae Blvd. For over 150 years, we’ve been known for expertise and professionalism in the industry. Today, we proudly carry on that tradition while balancing unique, modern trends with timeless classics. As time marches forward, we continue to help more people create special memories and celebrate unforgettable milestones through the Hale's Jewelers experience.