Whether it’s your favorite everyday pieces or a piece you never take out of the jewelry box, odds are, all of your jewelry could use a nice deep cleaning. Dust, dirt, dish soap, hand sanitizer, all of it can affect the way your jewelry looks. With cleanliness at the top of everyone’s minds this year, don’t neglect your jewelry!

It may seem like a daunting task, but in reality, there are so many ways to quickly and effectively clean your jewelry at home. Keep reading for some tips and tricks to get your jewelry looking as good as new, and start your new year off with a little extra sparkle.

Cleaning Silver

Love silver jewelry, but hate the upkeep? Don’t worry; we feel your pain. Silver can tarnish quickly if not properly taken care of. Make sure to keep a good polish on hand to buff your pieces every so often and keep them looking good as new. Not only will your silver be in tip-top shape, but silver polishes also leave a protective coating behind to prevent new tarnish from forming.

Pro Tip: Liquid polishes can be a bit messy, so for a hassle-free experience, use polishing wipes instead!

Cleaning Gold

“All that glitters is gold” is how the saying goes, right? Well, what happens when your gold isn’t so glittery anymore? Don’t worry; it’s an easy fix, and you probably have all the ingredients in your home already!

  1. Mix a solution of warm, not hot, water with few drops of dish soap.
  2. Place your gold jewelry in the bowl
  3. Swish your jewelry around and let it soak for 5 minutes
  4. Place on a soft cloth to dry.
  5. Take a soft bristle toothbrush and gently clean chains and cracks and crevices in your jewelry.
  6. Rinse in lukewarm water

Cleaning Your Engagement Ring

Engagement ring or wedding band losing its shine? After a simple cleaning, it will be as sparkly as the day he proposed! Similar to cleaning your gold pieces, soak your ring in a gentle solution of water and mild dish soap for 10-15 minutes. Once you remove it, take a soft bristle toothbrush to clean off any remaining dirt and admire that shine!

It’s easy to neglect cleaning your jewelry, but with these simple steps, it will be looking as good as new in no time! Whether cleaning your everyday pieces or taking special care of a family heirloom, Hale’s Jewelers is here to help! Feel free to contact us today if you have any specific questions about caring for your jewelry.

We look forward to helping you make your jewelry look good as new for the new year!

January 08, 2021