Keep Precious Jewelry Secure On The Go

The summer is sure to be full of fun-filled adventures. While you’re packing your bags for summer travel, one thing to consider is how to prevent jewelry from being damaged or lost. Whether your pieces have sentimental value or are worth a significant amount of money, it’s important to organize and protect them. These jewelry travel tips from our expert team at Hale’s will help keep your jewelry safe and in good condition throughout your journey.

Make a List

Decide what to bring. Make a list of your preferred jewelry items and prioritize them. In general, it's best to keep it simple and choose a few pieces rather than bringing your entire collection. Choose jewelry that is versatile and can be used in multiple settings.

Stay Organized

An organizer will help you keep your valuable jewelry secure. You can choose between a compact travel roll or a jewelry box that can be packed in your suitcase. Make sure to choose one that is durable, with compartments for different types of jewelry. This is important because gemstones and metals like gold can become scratched when pieces rub against one another. A travel jewelry organizer is also handy if you want to wear your jewelry en route and need a place to store it. Once you get to your destination, store your jewelry in the hotel safe if possible.

Keep it in Carry-On

If you’re traveling by air, pack your jewelry bag or organizer in your carry-on bag. This is important because a checked bag can easily get lost, delayed or misplaced. Packing jewelry in your carry-on keeps it close to you while you travel, making it less likely to get lost.

Remove Jewelry Before Swimming

If you’re planning beach or water activities, make sure to remove jewelry before you swim. Chlorine, alcohol and saltwater can damage your jewelry and could even cause skin irritations. As a precaution, it’s best to leave your jewelry in a secure place when you go out on a boat, kayaking or even swimming in the ocean.

Find Your Travel Supplies at Hale’s Jewelers

Exploring the world with your precious jewelry is made simple with these jewelry travel tips. Protect and organize your favorite pieces to avoid losing them, prevent damage and lessen the risk of theft. Visit Hale’s to find a few dazzling new pieces to refresh your summer wardrobe before your vacation, or travel supplies like a jewelry box or jewelry cleaning solution. We’ve got everything you need for a successful summer trip. Happy travels!

July 17, 2023