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The Rolex Showroom at Hale's Jewelers

Our Rolex Showroom

Since 1856, Hale's Jewelers has been a South Carolina jewelry tradition. As an Official Rolex Jeweler, we look forward to welcoming you into our store and guiding you to the perfect timepiece.

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Greenville’s Premier Jeweler

For 167 years and counting, Hale's Jewelers has served the Upstate of South Carolina with care, compassion, and a love for the finer things in life. What began as a store for engraving grew into a family legacy. Hale's Jewelers became a prominent name in Greenville due to our expertise, excellent customer care and as one of the first importers of Swiss timepieces the destination to shop for Rolex watches.

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Main Street

Hale's Jewelers called Main Street home since the 1800's where the shopping experience became an integral part of the community and in the 1940's Hale's Jewelers began importing fine Swiss timepieces from Europe. As one of the first jewelers in the U.S. to do so, the watches quickly dominated the market.

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From Main Street to Verdae Boulevard

Hale's first introduced Rolex to main street and with the growth of our watch business, a second location was opened in McAllister Square Mall in the 1960's. A standalone store was opened on Haywood Road in the 80's where all locations were consolidated in the 90's. Verdae Boulevard is now the current destination for Rolex timepieces in the Upstate.

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Modern, Elegant, and Built for Rolex

Our current location opened in 2021 on Verdae Boulevard to serve the growing demand for luxury timepieces and fine jewelry. We've revitalized the Rolex experience through sleek, contemporary design that provides the perfect atmosphere to immerse yourself in the prestige, luxury and quality that is Rolex.

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Experience Luxury

Whether you're shopping for your first Rolex watch or need expert service and repair, you can rely on the team at Hale's Jewelers to assist you. With hundreds of years of experience, we're your trusted source for Rolex and fine jewelry expertise. Visit us in Greenville for the ultimate Rolex experience.