June’s birthstone is a timeless classic and a year-round favorite. Unlike other birthstones that are mined on dry land, the pearl is a precious marine mystery. For centuries, pearls have been a luxurious fashion statement, especially because of their delicate nature and rarity. Join Hale’s Jewelers as we explore the pearl and share our favorite ways to wear these pristine pieces.

It Starts With Oysters

The luminous pearl is the epitome of beauty birthed from chaos. Deep beneath gleaming shores, pearls are formed out of a response to an irritant, such as sand, entering an oyster’s shell. When the oyster’s defense mechanism is triggered, a substance known as nacre is discharged. Layer upon layer, nacre envelops the molecule forming the shimmering pearl we know and love. Because of the rarity of natural pearls, there’s a strong investment in cultured pearls. In the case of cultured pearls, a catalyst is inserted inside the oyster to initiate the natural process. In most cases, it’s impossible for the average eye to distinguish between natural and cultured pearls.

Everyday Elegance

Pearl Jewelry

When it comes to accessorizing, everyday staples are a marvelous place to showcase your pearls. Studs are a practical addition to the daily wardrobe and are often more lightweight than hoops or dangle earrings. Instead of opting for classic pearl studs, elevate your elegance with the 14K White Gold Round Diamond Halo Pearl Stud Earrings. If you’re looking to make a glamorous statement for a night out or special event, pair your pearl stud earrings with a matching 14K White Gold Cultured Pearl and Diamond Halo Pendant Necklace. You can’t go wrong with this shimmering set.

Captivating Stacks

Pearl Bracelets

The opportunities for showcasing your personality are endless when it comes to creating a stunning stack. Accentuate your pearls with a uniquely designed combination of your favorites. We personally love the Two-Tone 14k Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Alwand Vahan Bracelets. The trifecta of diamond, gold and pearl powerfully compliment one another. Plus, each bracelet is a gift that keeps on giving. While one is certainly glamorous, more is truly the merrier.

A Twist on Tradition

Pearl Necklace

Last but not least in our journey of exploring our breathtaking pearl accessories, we have a contemporary take on the traditional pearl strand necklace. For centuries, the strand design has been a statement of maturity and dignity for women. Whether it’s passed down as a family heirloom or gifted for a significant milestone, sets of pearls are a time-honored tradition. In this Necklace with Baroque Pearls and Ethiopian Opal Crystals, designer JYE International Inc. takes creative liberty by employing a contemporary twist on the traditional design. For the modern woman, an adaptation of the iconic design might be a perfect form of self expression.

Here at Hale Jeweler’s

While some birthstones do gravitate toward seasonality, the pearl is most definitely a versatile gem. Depending on the design, some styles are better suited for particular times of year. Still, pearls are a must for all jewelry boxes. With new inspirations on how to style June’s birthstone, your imagination is likely circling with ideas. When you’re ready to see some of these spectacular designs up close, visit Hale Jeweler’s. Our team of courteous, friendly and family-oriented staff is excited to guide you through our collection. We look forward to meeting you at our store located at 761 Verdae Blvd in Greenville, South Carolina.

June 01, 2022