We know finding a diamond as flawless and unique as your special someone is no easy task. There are so many different shapes to consider, and many different qualities to consider like color, clarity, cut and carat. Where to even begin! Well, don’t fret. We’ve put together this handy guide to introduce you to five irresistible diamond shapes. So, keep reading to discover which shape is right for you.

The Timeless Round

The circular shape of the round cut embodies love without end. It is the ideal image of romance and charm, representing over two thirds of diamonds sold. The finest rounds also have the most brilliant sparkle, giving these stones a heart-stopping shine. A gorgeous example is this solitaire engagement ring by Hale's. Like the dazzling round-shaped stone at its center, the solitaire setting blends simplicity with tradition. Both the diamond and the ring are perfect for the individual who values an eternally classy style.

The Majestic Princess

This beloved diamond shape is characterized by great luster and beauty with an edge. With its traditional name being “square modified brilliant”, a classic princess is square-shaped with sharp corners. The princess cut is for those who are drawn to excitement but remain a true romantic at heart. This cut appears larger to the naked eye due to its measurements. If you want to see it in action, check out this stunning engagement ring by Hale's. The princess-shaped center stone shimmers boldly while dozens of smaller diamonds glimmer from the band.

The Elegant Emerald

The emerald cut glimmers with an understated grace. Its long rectangular shape and sharp edges give it a clean and sleek look. Some say that this timeless treasure expresses modern style and sophistication. Unique to the emerald is its long step cuts, which offer an abundance of both white and colored light. If you want to give them the engagement ring of their dreams, look no further than this lustrous solitaire by Hale's. The bezel-setting gives this a chic modern look while the diamonds in the band add extra shine.

The Chic Oval

The elegant oval is cut the same way as a round, lending it added brightness and shimmer. Ovals can often look larger than other shapes, making the finger it's worn on look slimmer and longer. Almost all oval-shaped stones have what is called a “bow-tie effect”. In the most desirable gems, this look is subtle. This delicately charming stone is for the lover who has a mind for the creative and individualistic. Honor their unique personality through a Gabriel & Co. engagement ring. The glimmering halo of diamonds makes the larger oval center-stone really pop, generating maximum shimmer.

The Dazzling Radiant

This beautifully symmetrical, non-traditional shape combines the brilliance of the emerald cut with the purity of the round. Unique to the radiant is its trimmed corners, which gives this loose shape versatility to shine in a variety of settings. This darling delicacy represents a refined individual with an itch for adventure. Give them an elegant and thrilling treasure in this William Levine Fancy Yellow Radiant ring. The radiant shaped yellow stone is 2.35 gleaming carats set in lustrous 18-Karat yellow and white gold.

Find Your Perfect Shape at Hale Jeweler’s

While there are a diverse array of options when it comes to choosing the perfect diamond, we hope that here at Hale’s Jewelers we can play a part in finding your forever pieces of jewelry. Our expert jewelers are available to answer the questions you might have about any diamond shape you desire. When you're in the market for a new diamond, whether it be for an engagement, birthday gift or just a special occasion, our friendly and welcoming team members are here for you. Visit us online or in-store at 761 Verdae Blvd in Greenville, South Carolina to see some of these breathtaking gemstones up close.

August 03, 2022