The flowers are blooming, the leaves are changing, and the air is growing warmer and warmer by the day; gone are the long winter days, because spring is finally here!

The start of a new season marks the time to upgrade your personal style! Springtime allows us to branch away from the old and welcome the new with wide open arms.

At Hale’s Jewelers, we pride ourselves in having the perfect jewelry styles to mirror the rejuvenating season of spring! If you are on the hunt for the ideal jewelry styles to adorn this season, look no further than our Hale’s Signature jewelry selections.

Explore our jewelry styles, sift through our personal designs, and find the perfect spring jewelry pieces for you. Here is just a taste of the endless signature jewelry items you can find at our jewelry store in Greenville, SC:

Hale’s Signature 14K Rose Gold Ring

This exquisite 14K rose gold ring is the perfect item to collect to start spring off right. The eclectic feel of diamond ring, combined with the bold rose gold metal, and mixed with the funky crown-shaped diamonds creates a unique look that will transcend any season to come.

14K Rose Gold Ring

Hale’s Signature 14K White Gold Pendant

This 14K white gold diamond pendant symbolizes the sunburst of brightness we experience as spring starts to commence. With 18 decadent diamonds that shine as bright as the sun, you are sure to stop everyone in their tracks this season!

14K White Gold Pendant

Hale’s Signature 14K White Gold Earrings

When dreaming of spring, the color lavender dances lavishly in our heads. These stunning lavender gemstone earrings mimic the royal purple flowers blooming during springtime. With these delicate earrings, you will certainly fit in with the unique pastel coloring that spring brings.

14K White Gold Earrings

Hale’s Signature 14K Yellow Gold Bangle

This intricate 14k yellow gold bangle will look gorgeous against tanned spring skin this season. Add it to any outfit to dress up your look or combine it with an elegant diamond necklace to create a luxury springtime style. Complete with 201 diamonds, this incredible bracelet is sure to have you stand out amongst the season’s delicacies.

14K Yellow Gold Bangle

Hale's Signature 14K Yellow/White/Rose Gold Ring

Let out your inner flower power with this exquisite yellow gold, white gold and rose gold diamond ring. If you are looking to stand out amongst the blooming spring flowers, this ring will surely have you doing so. Snag this luxury ring to mirror the springtime bouquets and fall in suit with the flourishing buds of fragrant flowers.

14K Yellow/White/Rose Gold Ring

Spring is the ideal season to start something new. Whether it be starting a new hobby, cleaning out your home, or welcoming a new, fresh style, spring is the season to move forward with accomplishing new goals and testing the boundaries.

Visit our jewelry store in Greenville to find the perfect pieces to start this new season off right. Stand out from the crowd, explode with interesting trends and colors, and let your personal style bloom this season...much like the springtime flowers do!

Our team at Hale’s Jewelers looks forward to helping you curate a new style this season! We hope to see you soon at our jewelry store in South Carolina!

March 05, 2020