When Hale’s opened over 150 years ago, laser repair technology was a futuristic idea. At the time, jewelers used torches to solder and weld metals, but this process wasn’t sustainable. It had the potential to ruin fragile gemstones and sensitive materials.

Over the years, we’ve innovated and upgraded to laser repair technology. However, some jewelers today still use these outdated practices. Without laser welders, stones must first be removed from a piece and then remounted, which can damage jewelry.

Luckily, our high-speed, accurate and efficient lasers can be utilized on all types of jewelry with very low risk. This allows us to efficiently repair your prized pieces with extreme care and attention to detail.

Have a treasured heirloom in need of some TLC? Our master technicians can repair even the most delicate pieces with ease. After all, we’ve got over a century of experience and the finest equipment available. So, give us a call, visit our store or schedule your appointment today!